Friday, December 12, 2014

October, November, December!!

I had my eye on this pumpkin, cause it's a funky shape, but a little out of m price range!  They marked it down to $15 and I had to get it!  I have plans for it!!

Nicole made a mustache totem pole.

I love my beach!

Tink and Toby looked great for Halloweeen!!

I got up early November 1st to go running on my beach.  I had seen lots of things wash up, but never an octopus!

And then my beloved came home that night!!!!!

Uh, but I went back to the beach the next day!  Old habits....

Look!  We're getting bathrooms!

Actually, they're putting up fences.

Our neighbor took family photos for us.  She's a great photographer!

After a few days, we took a trip down o Ryusendo caves.  They were beautiful!  But the railings and paths and stairs were crazy!!!  Some of the paths had low hanging rocks that we had to crouch under, walkways that had no railings, stairs that were narrow and steep....  But the caves and pools were beautiful!

Next we went to the amber museum and made a piece of jewelry.  The Amber is beautiful!!

I got a pic of my favorite veteran!

I invited my English class to my house for thanksgiving dinner.  They appreciated the invite.  We also got a chance to talk about initiations, the 5 W's, rsvp's, and menu planning!  They were excited!

I taught my cooking class to make eggs Benedict!  Fancy favorites!  Maybe this is my signature dish.... I've made it so many times in the last couple of months!

A few days later, doc and I took a trip....

A sweet woman gave us cheesecake and brownies!  The japanese people are so sweet and so generous!  I was able to share some candy.... I feel like I never give enough!

So we took the underwater train to Hakodate!  I saw a new part of Japan!

I love this statue at the train station.... 

We stayed at a beautiful onsen hotel.  This was our private onsen.

And our japanese style bedding..... I was so happy to come home to my tempurpedic!!

But we had the most beautiful view!  This was the window by our little table.  I had to wear my sunglasses!!!!

The hotel had a karaoke room... But we weren't feelin' it...

They did have a little pachinko game in the arcade... I couldn't quite figure it out..... It seemed dumb.

The hotel included a buffet dinner.  We were given this card to place on our table.  1 side was for while we were sitting there and still eafing, the second side was for when we were finished.  

I almost couldn't tell!!!

Oh, the views were amazing!

We walked everywhere for the first day... Then we walked all the way to the airport and picked up a rental car.  

I just wanted to go to the beach!

We walked toward town and found a foot onsen!

We saw beautiful sites around every corner!

And inspirational monuments!

But we rented a car so we could see more of hakodate.

I forget where this was, but we did some walking...

Then we found the trappestine monestary, where we did more walking...

We found a Lucky Peirot's restaurant.... 

Then we went to Goryokaku... And did some more walking.... 

Goryokaku is a star shaped fort... 

Then we found some cemeteries... Doc has always loved cemeteries.  Anyway, we did some more walking.

We started walking (surprise) toward the hakodate gondola.  As we were walking uphill, I saw totoro peeking over a fence! 

We walked to a memorial park...

Then we walked around an abandoned consulate...

And I found the painted manhole cover!

Still walking, we found the Statue of Liberty...

And I bought tickets!  I love tickets!

We were herded like cattle into the gondola (I resisted the urge to moo!)

And we could see all of hakodate from the top of the mountain!!!

When we went back down (after hitting up the gift shop!!), we stopped at an italian restaurant.  It was delicious!  (And the head cook personally came out to take our order!  Maybe because the previous waitress didn't speak much english!)

After dinner (and a few appetizers) we ordered a dessert pizza to go...

It was worth the wait!  (And the walking!)

I stole away to my beach again (Uh, my new beach!)... Not quite early enough for sunrise...

I found where the hot springs runs into the ocean.

We picked up breakfast at the grocery store.  I love these curry puffs!

We drove easy along the coast.  We saw these bridges...


Hidden Lagoons!

And weird snacks.  This 'meal' had so much vinegar in it I could hardly taste the banana!  Their preservatives are so different from our american products...

We found the oracle from the Neverending Story!  Actually, it's just a golden Buddha.  

And more lighthouses.

There was an aquatic museum inside!

Later I found this awesome caramel apple cider!  And a hot peach nectar!  I love japanese surprises!!

I snuck away to the beach again the next morning!  I was very close to sunrise...

It was so refreshing!!

Uh, yeah.


A squid aquarium? They swim funny.

We packed up and headed downtown.  We had lunch at the hakodate brewery.

We each had a pretty sampler.

And I tried a japanese club sandwich.  It had ham and lettuce and tomato and beans and cheese.... It was odd....

We walked to the brick stone district.  They mostly had shops inside.... Christmas shops, ornament shops, China shops...

Aren't they beautiful?

And one of them had a studio ghibli shop!

On the way back to the train station, we saw this man with a 'collection' of rabbits....

We made it to the train station with just enough time to board!  We had a long, uneventful, successful trip home.  

We did a mixers and masterpieces painting in our neighborhood.

I tried to take a picture of...


nic had a violin concert

And I made a mint chocolate chip espresso dark chocolate cake!  Everything was successful!

My English class did come over for a thanksgiving dinner!

They brought a little of their culture and taught me to make gyoza and cheese rolls..

And I brought a lot of mine!!!

Thanksgiving was the next day.... nic and I geared up for the preparation!

It was delicious.  And filling. New had friends over.  It's wonderful that our Air Force family IS our family when we're so far away!!!  We had some friends over for dinner.  We had Black Friday shopping in the weasel's den the next morning.... And Saturday I finally got to go to the beach!

I love the funny things I see!

Nicole was tired of turkey before I served anyone these leftover-creations!!!

The weasel's den has this lovely Christmas present for us!  I can't wait to bring my English class here!!

Ahhhh.  Snow has come!  It's so beautiful!  Now I need a l&b empty day so I can admire it!!

My English class loves to play scattegories!  Then we played a few different word games.

Doc and I went to the MDG Christmas party... My iPhone takes weird pictures!  

But I had it edited!

I made eggs Benedict for aNOTHer friend!!!!!!   Mmmmmm!!!

Today was the start of the cookie caper. They give Christmas cookies (donated) to simgle airmen... So I bake some salted caramel chocolate pretzel cookies!   I saved just a couple for me... I knew I needed I get all of them out of the house!!!

Ahhhhhh.... The holidays are upon us!!!