Sunday, January 26, 2014

Japan is fancy

Winter is alive and well in Japan!!!  Sometimes, I can't even see the road!!!  Or even the ditches on the side of the road!  I pray a lot while I'm driving!

We love Pink Sushi... Nicole's just too cool to admit it.

Actually, we went there twice this week!  We got doc to go with us the first time... Then we went with some friends!  We tried to go ice skating, but of course we went on the one day that all Japanese students were out of school but still in organized groups at every attraction around town... So we went to Pink sushi again!!!

I love it!  

I now know what they mean about the snow ruts... They don't plow in town.  So your car is on a track, like Autopia at Disneyland, and you can't get out of 'em!  We'll, you can, but the car usually slides right back in them!!

We had an osc social and they taught us some Japanese calligraphy.  

It's more like painting on this size board.....

Look ma, I can write my name!!!

Nicole used her snowboard goggles so she wouldn't cry when cutting the onions.... I don't think it worked...

So I found a display thing at the recycle shop for my calligraphy... Apparently I wrote it sideways!!!  

I was invited to attend a Japanese fine dining luncheon with some other ladies from base.  It was amazing!  Once we finished a tasting in each course, out came some more food!!!  

This appetizer was so good!  

Actually, here's a better picture:

I couldn't even tell you enough about each bite!!

This fish stew was interesting...

But this sushi was divine!  Shrimp, scallop, some kind of white fish, and a white, Japanese potato slice...

A salmon salad...

Then came entertainment!  A fan dance!!

More food... A monkey brain... Actually, I don't know if that was correct!  It had a delicious roasted/fried chicken underneath!

And this adorable dancing sailor!!

Then they begged us to do some karaoke!  We sang the Jackson 5's ABC123 song!!!  We didn't know the words, but we belted out abc pretty well!!

Another amazing fan dance!

A hula!!

Another course!!!  This was a tenderloin with a seafood gratin.

We were coerced into singing 'now I'm back from outer space...' Okay, I don't even know the name of that song!!

The ladies got up and started dancing to our song!  It was so cute!!!

Another course!!!

This is my friend Setsu.  She has a beautiful voice and sang a song for us, too!

Then we played a game of bingo!  The funny thing is that they kept calling numbers until EVERYbody won a prize!!!  

Then came dessert!  They rolled out these carts, one had a coffee service, the other had desserts... They plated and delivered a selection to each table. 

At the end, they played some of the songs from the Obon parade I danced in way back in August.... Everyone in the room got up and danced (me, included!).. It was like Japanese line dancing!

Oh, it was so much fun!  By the time we left, we were all VERY full, roasting (it was so hot in that room!), giggling, and we each had a prize to take home!  It was a blast!!

Nana, these are like the Finnish horses GaGa gave us.... But they're Japanese.  I need to look into them... There may be a story there...

The ice finally crashed off our roof today, it was massive and incredibly loud!  I'm lucky I wasn't on the porch!  Tink, too!!

I was driving home from Hach this morning, the mountains look amazing in the background!  I miss the ones I saw every day in Alaska.... But I keep reminding myself that I will get to see Fuji this summer when we fly past it!  

And I love this raspberry cheesecake mochi ice cream!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Japanese Winter

Our Christmas tree is a little worse for wear!!

I am really not entirely sure...

I love that bread shop, still!  I went there twice this week!! 

So, I've seen the cat bus, and here's a dog bus!  You have to zoom in to see it.... 

My dear friend brought me to this little French place... The outside looked like a house... The inside was like a cabin! 

(Grilled ham and cheese!)

(Brown sugar cubes, too!!)

And it was decorated with cats... They were hiding in the rafters, on counters... It was kinda cute!

They had this beautiful wood stove!

The sky here is amazing!!!

So, my friend in ak taught me a little about mochi... I started with butter mochi!   When we got here, doc introduced us to mochi ice cream.  We've since branched out and tried the different varieties!  The top set is a strawberry mochi.... In the 2nd pic, there's caramel, regular, and cookies 'n cream mochi!  Lots of fun stuff to try!!

The trees are beautiful, even though the leaves are gone!  Those red berries look fantastic with the snow!!

I found some treats to mail to family.... I hope they find it as funny as I do!

Look!  I wear my kimono in everyday life!!

Nicole made me play monotony...  I do not like that game... But I LOVE that girl!!

Tink is wise...

Look at that sunset!!  And the glow!!

We went out to an Italian restaurant with friends last night... 

It was fun.  I would not try the 'you-wrong' tea, though!!

We changed our name, apparently...

And Nicole started using her cake pop machine!  I'll let you know how they turn out!!