Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I wrote something I loved about Nicole every day and put it on her door.  She loved it!  Then, as soon as valentines day was over, she took them all down except her name.  I still love her!

Buzz landed in the preschool room during MOPS last week!  It was pretty awesome!

I'm turning Japanese!  Parking by backing in makes me blend in, right?

I went to lunch with a friend and her adorable daughter!  

I decided to go for a run before I picked up my beloved at the train station... 

Good thing I did... It really started snowing and the wind was really blowing... Tink loved it!

Before I left, I decided to take doc's car, since mine had bigger piles of snow in front of it!  At least I was on the road before the blizzard started!

Well, it started alright!  

I got home and pulled into a 'parking spot' and this is how high the snow was after a few hours!!! 

The next morning the whole neighborhood became the snow brigade!

It was kinda like snow-throwing wars!  Or tag teaming!!

My beloved brought home this beautiful 'mystery' box.  

It wasn't a mystery, I knew these amazing gems were waiting inside!!! I love Bordeaux's!!!

Then we sat at the 'bar' to get doc a new iPhone... You'd think after buying a newiPhone  SoftBank could afford to fix their sign!!

There isn't anywhere for the snow to go in town.... 

And I do have deep blue eyes!!  They're back to 'normal' now...

:( this is what I've been missing in ak... This was one of my favorite sights!

Isn't it beautiful out there?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hirosaki and more

Winter is gorgeous here in Japan!!  I love the sunrays that I see almost every day!!!

I was taking a pic of the car behind me..., the first Hearst that I've seen in Japan!

This is my goal!  I've made it to the 10k (well, only 1 so far!!)... One day I'll make it to the 13.1!

My friend took us to the potter's house.  He had a beautiful view of the lake behind his house!!

And look at that pottery!  Those blues are from the ash from local trees!  

Fun to find new friends all over the world!

Nic finished her valentines for school!  Aren't they cute??

I was invited to a lunch social with the Japanese!  We made these origami flowers... I was able to take home the directions and today my friend came over and we made another one!  

Kawaii?  My friend, isn't she pretty?

Then we had this beautiful, traditional new year's lunch.  I had some dishes I have never tried before!  I could not even tell you what is in each section!  

For the weekend, nic 'n I went on a day trip with some friends.  We took the train...

To Aomori!

They were tethered to the roof in order to clean it!

Train rides all morning... (Actually, in this picture I was trying to get a snap of the hat on the girl in the red jacket... New York is written backwards!  I need one of those!!)

We made it to Hirosake.... Nicole and I tried to eat this apple.... Cherry?

Apples all over town!

Hirosaki (specifically Hirosaki park) was beautiful!!

(We didn't take the ITT tour, so we didn't have a guide!)
We finally found the snow lanterns!

She had fun, she just wouldn't admit it!!

More lanterns!  Like the ice sculptures I saw in North Pole, each artist made their lanterns just a little bit different!

I liked the elephants... I don't know how they pertain to the lantern festival... But there's that cute girl again!!

More lanterns!


See?  She's having more fun!

Then the lanterns were kit as soon as the sun went down!  (4:30pm!!)

Isn't the castle beautiful?  I LOVE that bridge, too!

As we were walking back to the train station, I saw this cute hat boutique with this cool sign in the window.... It belongs in SoCal!!

Nicole is a conductor of the Japanese Rail!!

I'm glad doc showed me how to use the snowblower... We got almost 10" overnight!!!

Tink LOVES noboko!!  

We had a 'Mixers and Masterpieces' night with the med group spouses!  It was lots of fun!!  We painted a cherry blossom tree!  I apparently had a schnauzberry tree....

We had mountains behind our flight line, but they're not as massive as the ones in Alaska!  Just a few more months til I see Fuji!!