Saturday, September 28, 2013

Surviving Japan

Tink misses her daddy!!

I saw this bakery at the mall... Not at all the pastries and panera egg souffl├ęs I've been craving, but still fun!!

This is my fake utensils rack I created since I have no place to put everything!!
Phun stuff at the mall still!
And I found the bridge to nowhere!!

Nicole and I took a tour.... 
First we went to the kokeshi museum...

Tried my very first yakisoba soup
Had apple soft serve ice cream
And she wanted nothing to do with the tour, she wanted to go to this kids amusement park!!
Look at this rice field art!!

And I got this blueberry gum.... I thought it was a trick by violet Beauregard..... It was delicious, it just lost it's flavor really fast!!
Then we went to a beautiful garden....
This is Nicole's 'pensive' look!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

A long, but fast week!

It's been a busy week!  First I killed a batch if lemon blueberry cinnamon rolls with some inactive yeast...
Then we went to the air show... Walked about a mile in the rain to get there, I made nic walk through all of the vendors, then we walked home a different route.  People drove from all over Japan to see the airshow!  It was wise that we didn't drive!!!
But I only saw 2 planes in the demo because the rain just never let up...

During the dog pawty, Nicole went clamming!  She dug up some little clams while wading in the water... I steamed them in garlic and butter and they were so perfect!  Clean, sweet, and tender!  I served them over linguine with crusty bread!  
I also celebrated 20 years since my life was returned to me.  20 years after my avm, I am still a survivor!
This week the wives on base had a potluck lunch with the wives from Misawa.  They taught us how to make dumplings and shared many wonderful kinds of food with us!  They requested that we bring American food.... So I made Mac 'n cheese!  What's more 'murican than that?!?
I also completed my 2nd New Years resolution this week!  (I still have yet to start on the first!). I completed 100 miles! Now I will have a better gauge for next year!
The governor of Missouri sent me a medal for completing 100 miles!!

Then we had this silly golf social!  With a caddy shack theme!  
I may or may not have tried golfing in my cute Toms!!
And today I ate at cheese roll for the first time!  LOVE the cheese rolls!  And the yakisoba!  AND the American decor!  
And as I was walking back to my car I found this business.... 
I love Japan!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013


I've been told my fascination with the silly translations here in Japan will wear off, so I'll at least enjoy them while I can!  Some things are just silly!!  What were thy thinking when they translated this mirror?  Maybe I should start a list!
Our building has been wrapped and power washed... Next they will repair the earthquake damage and paint.  I think it's funny that I live in a 'strawberry basket!'
I haven't seen a sunset I haven't liked!!!
Today I got to watch them practice for the air show!  I've seen some awesome displays, I can't wait to see the air show tomorrow!!!!
Today we went to the base beach.  They actually had a 'dog pawty' at the beach, but it was nice to lay out, rest, watch Nicole and tink play in the water!  
And there were a couple of guys wind surfing!  (While I had sushi!!)
This week I also got to go to the driving range on base with a friend, started a Galatians bible study (I love it!!), ran a few more miles (my Nike ap is almost at 100!!!), and I am being referred to reach English at hachinohe possibly in the new year!  (Can't wait!!). We really love Japan!!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Stuff, kanji, planes, onion rings, fires, and mud...

So this week has been busy and fun and tiring and, yeah, busy!!
First our HHG shipment finally arrived!  Glad to have my stuff!!
And it was pouring!  Even the workers were hiding to get out of the rain!  See him under the cardboard?!?
Then I started my very first Japanese class!  I am in a survival Japanese course.  So every Wednesday I get to go practice phonics and basic Japanese phrases... I feel like I'm in kindergarten on the wrong end of life!
And I took someone to the airport.... At least now I know how to get there!  (It was super easy!  I guess I'm ready for visitors.... Wink wink, nudge nudge!)
And tink was trying to get my leftovers.... This pose is also known as the ring of shame... She can't have it yet...
Last night we had a bonfire on the lake!  PS the word bonfire sounds a whole lot like vampire when pronounced with a Japanese accent!  Both sound like bonpi-uh!  Guess I need to choose my words wisely!   
But nic and I left early last night, I had to get up early for this adventure race!  Oh, it was a tough obstacle wedged in a 7k race!  But my team came in either 4th or 5th... Out of 50-something teams!!!!  We had to climb under low poles (in the mud), flip a tractor tire across a field, kayak 100 yards and back, carry sandbags, carry logs, solve math problems, run through a pack of gladiators (without getting knocked over!), jump over many hurdles, and balance while running through a nature trail (on a steep hill, which I am finding as THE terrain of Japan!!)...
We were all muddied up!  And we 'rinsed off' in the muddy lake!  But, oh, it was fun!  (And my knees are killing me!!)
Note to self... If I want an owl purse like this, don't hold it in this position!!

Then we went to the PoWC kickoff tonight.  Nic now wears my shoes!!!  
Ahhhhh, life is lovely!  Misawa has been good to us!!

Monday, September 02, 2013

Peaches, peaches, and more peaches!!

We drove to Nanbu...
When we got to the visitor's center, the rep made a call and a local farmer came to meet us.  No one spoke English.  We were hoping that we were not being led off the steep cliffs or into the great unknown!  We followed this teeny tiny toy truck on very narrow roads that had a steep hill on the right with the road cut out in front of us and the cliff immediately on the left!  Seriously, that's when I was wishing we had purchased the tiny Japanese cars!!!  
We made it to his peach orchard and he handed all of us a bucket with a paring knife so we could eat peaches while we were collecting them.  (The skin in SO tough, compared to American peaches... And pretty bitter.  The knife helped greatly!).  After a good half hour, we had all eaten at least 5 super juicy peaches and collected a total of 5lbs of peaches.... Not a lot, but there are only 3 of us!  And these peaches were better for cooking than just snacking on...
When we brought them home I couldn't help but eat one more!!!
Then I made peach syrup!  It more more like an applesauce consistency, but with the butter and the syrup on the pancake, it tasted like peach cobbler!!!  (Oh, I LOVE bisquik pancakes!!!!!
So, a week later, the peaches are in danger of turning.  All of them at once!  And I would lose the rest of the peachy goodness!  So I blanched and peeled them and made freezer jam!  It is so peachy and delicious!!!  Like a peach jolly rancher!  (Nana said to make it with watermelon cause that tastes like a watermelon jolly rancher!  Sold... I'll make that. Next week!)
So now I need to put peach jam on everything (toast, crackers, crepes? Waffles, ice cream, PeachPB&J, and more!!), put a jar or 2 in the freezer, and  gift some to neighbors and friends!  So.... Who (nearby!) needs some!