Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Japan rocks....

Aunt LJ sent her an Easter egg hunt that I had to hide around the house for her..... She wasn't thrilled.  She thinks she's too old for Easter egg hunts.... She's not!

Seriously, it was like pulling teeth to get her to find everything!

My neighbor and I rode to a shrine off base.  I drive past it all the time! There's no parking, so biking was the best mode of transportation.  It was really so cool!  There were a handful of Tori gates and a few little shrines, plus s temple!  I would like to know more about this shrine!!

Next day I had my cooking class!  I LOVE them!  

I also love that they love to bake and will bake FOR me, since I don't enjoy it!!

I tried a new restaurant out the gate and i loved this tuna bowl!  But I could do without the nori....

My English class took me to see the cherry blossoms in towada.  There is an observatory at the top of one of the city buildings.  

Look at the view!

And they created these mirror-like benches so we can see the cherry blossoms with the blue skies!!

I finally finished, glazed, and signed my cow.... Now I need to finish my big wave and start on my starry night!

I took my friend to my beach....

My neighbors roasted a whole pig!!

I went to a Mother's Day brunch without my child and with my friend!!

Oh, look at that sunset!  I ❤️ Japan!

As my friend was getting easy to board her plane and leave Japan forever, we were able to have visitation rights and chat... Even though she had already gone through security and left me!

My cooking class made empanadas... And we made a LOT of them!  That isn't even half of what we made!

They rolled them like gyoza!

I found Totoro!  He's in sky plaza, hidden I plain sight!

I bought this beautiful platter... Then a mug fell and broke it.... Ironically I found the exact same platter at another recycle shop!  

nic performed in an orchestra concert... 

She totally rocked it!

Doc rocks, too!

Our parking situation is atrocious.... But soon we'l have covered parking, which will hopefully help with the snow!!

Look at my recycle shop find!  (From last summer!)

Totoro is a chameleon!