Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Love, love, love!!

Getting my hair cut at a japanese salon is just like pampering!  They make me feel like royalty!  (Or in this picture, like I have crazy hair that takes TWO people to tame it!!!). But I keep wanting to get my hair cut because I love it!  (I have to pace myself and time my haircuts!!)

I've been working on a welcome home sign for doc.... This is the start of the squadron patch!! 

I made this washi hanging at an osc event.  It was actually fun!

The next day I had a cooking club again.  We made halloween foods..... I wasn't sure what that was, but that's what they asked for!  So we had grilled cheese and tomato soup, mummy hot dogs, red hot apple cider, and a couple other things....

And caramel apples!!!

I was waiting to pick up doc's new car and this guy provided entertainment by jump roping with his daughter!  It made me giggle!!!

Here are my... His new wheels!!  I LOvE driving this sporty car!!

But when they rolled it off the trailer, it had NO gas in it!  It was below empty!  I'm surprised I drove it all the way home without running out of gas!!!

At 'my' beach, the fishermen decided to come onto my side of the jetty... I never see them over here!  Tink and I had to run around them as if they were an obstacle.... Guess I'm not the only one at this beach anymore!!!

As I was headed home, there was a parade of fire trucks!  I only got my camera out on time to take pics of the last 2... There were a few more, but their trucks are so different from American fire trucks!

And the japanese love Halloween!  This is right outside the gate!

And this is very informative!

I can't wait til the tides change... My treasures have been skimpy and few lately....  

A ksf and I went to have coffee last week!  We plan on making it a regular weekly event... And then she went on vacation.....

I slammed my hand it the cupboard and found the bat signal under my nail!  I'm quite certain that means something, right?!?

And look, I finished!  

Can you tell I used blue glitter glue for the fierce Panther?!?

Poor Tink, she got a haircut... Can you find her?  

The dry cleaning man, who comes on base and picks up and delivers to my door, tried a new tactic... I haven't had any dry cleaning for anfew weeks.... So he said 'would you like to buy an obi?'  It was a steal because it was already dry leaned!  (Usually, that doubles the price!). And this one was already cleaned!  Maybe I'm just a sucker for japanese paraphernalia.... Now if only i could get the lady at the 9's market to give me a discount on the FOUR obis I've been eyeing!!!!

We had a halloween party in my English class.  Halloween words again, safety, 

Food sculptures

Then I took batdog for a walk.  We were patrolling the neighborhood to keep it safe!

I finally went to Hachinohe to get my beloved's new car registered... Man, even though the steps were totally spelled out (in engrish), it took more time to decipher the map!  I finally got everything taken care of.... But I needed a pizza after that endeavor!!

Instead, I had another eggs Benedict brunch with my friend the next day!  It was better than any old pizza!!!

I even gave her an eggs Benedict kit to take home!  She just had to supply the egg!

Then I took her to my beach.... MY beach!  It's not going to be a secret if I show all of my friends!!!  But I love that I always see surfers there!!!  Year round!

I finally hung some art on my walls!  Doc should be proud that our house is starting to look like a home.... Even though it's almost been a year and a half that we've lived here!!!

Bicole is dressing up as totoro for halloween!  She loves how soft and fuzzy and warm her costume is!  And cute!!!

I recently went on a tour in a winery... And we were required to wear these awesome inside shoes.  I forget that the japanese do this everywhere and a winery should be no different than the restaurants.... Or the bathrooms!!!

Anyway, these are the big tanks where the grape juice ferments.

They have the same machines we use in the states...

And the cellars look like any other winery... Except I can't read the labels!!

See the teeny bottle on the left?  That's a real wine bottle!  The big ones are actually bigger than the size of sake bottles!!!

And look at how many labels and types of wine they make here ... At... Kuzumaki! (Or wherever we went!!)

They also make wine ice cream... I'm gonna have to come back because I didn't get to try any!!

This building out front was cool... They didn't say what it was, though...

Anyway, look at the spread!  20 different wines, 2 juices, plenty of gourmet dishes.... This is right up my alley!  I'm going to have to bring doc here soon!!  

We called this the squirrel wine...

This is the juice

My favorites were the string cheese and the wine cream cheese!!!


This is the smoking shack.  I love that they banish the smokers!

Oh, and the drive home was beautiful!!!  

I kept taking pictures!  

I love fall!

I love JAPAN!!!