Friday, September 26, 2014

Where were you on Avm day?

21 years!  Every september 17th I get a little nostalgic... 21 years ago it wasn't a happy day.... But every september 17th since it's been great!!!  God worked many miracles in my life!  I celebrate Him!!

I taught my class about comforts.  Fitting since I'm in a foreign country!  Anyway, we made homemade Mac n cheese!  

And played scattegories!  They thought it was fun!

The navy spouses hosted a roundup... This is the extent of my western apparel. Maybe I need some cowboy boots!

I am still experimenting with japanese products!

I made Coq au Vin with my cooking class... We used this Chilean wine... With a japanese label!  Vinosity.  It was delicious!

Oh, and the chicken was even delicious!

Then we made cake pops!  They loved them!!

I ran the perimeter (on my birthday!)... The back of my shirt says 'champion in training.'  Got a lot of sarcastic remarks on that race!!

I saw parts of base I had not seen before...

Then Moni took me out for a birthday lunch.  We had kind of a picnic lunch (with the cow!!) and gelato.... Japanese gelato... 

And that night we went to the Air Force ball!

I sat with beautiful friends!

All my friends are beautiful!

The next day I drove (with nic!!!!) to the rice field art.

While waiting in line for the elevator, I saw this awesome AED vending machine!  You know, just in case I have a heart attack while opening my soda! 

Isn't it amazing?  

On the trip home nicole told me these shoes were the best thing that had happened to her!!!!!

I, however, say that about this amazing maple bread!  I took 2 friends to this bread shop.... I think it was life changing!!!

This week in my english class I taught them to play mad libs!  Oh, they like these silly games!!!!!  And one of them brought me this treat!  It is was tasty, a little different, but I think I liked it!!

Next we played this silly storytelling game.  At the end, I rocked it all and included all of these words in 3 sentences!   

On the way home from work I saw these 2 ladies carrying this bike.... Going home?  Going to a bike repair shop?  I'm not sure....

I also came across a 2000¥ bill.  Is this rare like the $2 bill?  I've never seen one before!  (At first I thought it was fake!!)

The other day I bought some japanese eggplant.  I was going to make eggplant Parmesan for dinner.  So I start breading and frying the eggplant... 2 hours later (!!!!!) I finished the eggplant,  but hadn't assembled the dish!  So I took nic to bible study, came home and ran 3 miles, picked up nic, and then we had cereal for dinner.... I assembled an eggplant Parmesan, but threw it in the freezer so I don't have to spend so much time next time I want eggplant parm!  The lazy man does twice as much work, right???

Moni and I went float hunting (didn't find anything)... She found this japanese salad at lawson's.  Crab, seaweed, egg, ham, cucumber, dressing.... Interesting!

Found a new (trashy) beach... No floats...

But still had a good time!

I was daydreaming and playing.... And then I remembered we had to turn around and go pick up the kids from school!!

Warrior?  Scarecrow?  

We stopped in the middle of the road to get this pic...

And found this oddly encouraging toilet at a random Lawson's!  Lesson of the day: don't go ANYwhere in Japan without your camera!!!

Those herbs are rackin' up miles!

I signed up for this run, too!!

Today I tried a new restaurant for lunch.... Interesting name...

And a beautiful teal door!

My friend's shrimp were looking at me all through lunch....

Even when she was done...

Still a little creeped out!  I think nic and I will do burgers for dinner!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Out with the old, in with the new!

We've been vandalized!!

There is a little shop on town that makes these yummy little scones.  My favorite are the caramel or cheese scones with clotted cream... 

This is what I'm missing in Alaska :( 

Last weekend we took a road trip and needed to stop at Lawson's (my favorite pit stop!).... This mango fanta and spicy chicken nuggets were my breakfast of champions!!

Nicole picked this fruit sandwich!

The northern bay is beautiful!!

The sky was so clear and amazing!

My ksf had this ball gown made for the Air Force ball... It's made out of a kimono!

I am having this fun dress made out of a yukata... The ladies look at me, cross their arms into an X and say 'summer only!!'  I think they're afraid I would freeze in the winter!

We went out for lunch at a nearby restaurant.... Delicious tempura, interesting soup, scary 'pudding' in that little white pot (it had crab, egg custard, and something similar to a hollandaise.... An egg-butter sauce!). Sometimes I wish there was an Arby's around the corner.....

Then we went to this 'tori gate park.'  I'm sure I'll remember the name later... Basically it's a land of hundreds of tori gates... 

Just a few...

A few more beautiful ones...

And then a bunch more...

And a bajillion more!! They go on and on and on!

Nicole is a pretty artsy fartsy photographer, too!

We were greeted by this guy before we left the parking lot!

So, out with the old...

In with the new!!!  Poor doc has no say.  He has to come home first!!

I finally decorated my tiled bathroom with these cool chery blossom decals.  

And... Who would like to come over for a single slice of eggplant Parmesan?  

This was my run this morning!  I took a new 'path' with a great hill!  It slowed down my time, but it felt good to run!  PS the sun showers were only on main base!  Once we got to the road down to the elephant cage, the clouds and sprinkles were gone!  Oh, Japan is so schizo!!