Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Madame Blueberry!

Doesn't matter how you say 'wheels' in Japanese... I'm on the go again!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last night

Nicole got to participate in the X games!  She had a blast!!  (Even if she won't admit to it!). I sure hope this is the beginning of her breaking out into social activity!!!
Oh, and we bought a car!  Soon I will introduce you to Madame Blueberry!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013


Yesterday we went to a familiar-ish establishment for lunch: Mc Donald's... It was interesting!  Nicole had a quarter pounder with cheese, dave had a spicy salsa burger, and I had a bacon lettuce burger... But all of them had a horseradishy mayo!  It was delicious, just different!  
We ordered based on pictures.... And I did see a shrimp burger!!!  But we went with beef!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013


AK to Japan

And so it begins... 

Then last few days have been weepy.  The realization that these were my last moments with my first Air Force family, the last breaths of the beautiful, cool Alaskan summer air, the last bit of (in)sanity after being without our household goods for over a month already... Perhaps it all added to the invisible stress, but at the last minute we realized we didn't have Tink's health certificate for the commercial airline!   I was terrified i wouldnt be able to take our beloved adopted family member!  I mulled over any options, and possibilities...  Every worst outcome was all i could think of.  I immediately shared my problem with anyone who would listen, hoping for an answer of clarity in the midst of my (temporary) insanity!  my poor neighbors were the first guinea pigs in this experiment...  These great neighbors made a suggestion to go to a Saturday vet clinic, so I made the phone call and all the necessary preparations.  Whew! bWe were 'safe.'  We had a fallback plan, right?

   The next morning we made the last minute organizations in our luggage and guess what we came across?  The health certificate.  Call vet, cancel appt, check. Check blood pressure.

We loaded up the cars, completed the housing checkout, and left this base for the last time.  Ever!  Alaska has grown on me.  In me.  My own biorhythms are in sync with the constant changes and schizophrenic weather of AK.  I expect it, I crave it, I need it.  

Now we move on to the next chapter, a foreign chapter.  Japan.  I never could have foreseen this!  I can't even explain how I feel.  I was prepared and excited, which turned into exhausted and anxious, and then turned to sad and nauseous and even a little scared!  Pretty normal for a foreign country, right?  
Philippians 1:6 I am certain that God, who began the good work in you, will be faithful to complete it. 
He opened the door for us to travel here, I am certain 

My patriot express experience...
Such a large airplane I couldn't see outside where we were going, but every turn felt like a barrel roll.  Vertigo?  Cabin fever?  It was a large, spacious set up with extra leg room.... But I was blind!!  

And cold!

And so tired From traipsing through SeaTac after (and before) hours!  I had 3 breakfasts today.... 2 in the airport and 1 on the plane. The time change wasn't clear, wherever I was!

Plane food = Cafeteria food. French toasticks 

Finally fell asleep... Not sure what time it is!  Dark in cabin, super bright when someone opens a shade!  I rely on my iPhone.... 1530 in Alaska.... Still not ready to think about the time change every time I look at the clock!  Thank goodness for the world clock on the iPhone!!

We landed and were immediately bearded into the jmc and filled out customs forms!  I got my very first stamp in my passport!  (Oh, it was my military passport, so Uncle Sam gets to keep it, not me). Finally we were greeted by friends!!!  

Today (the rest of the week was a blur... I do remember leaving tink at the kennel, eating too many meals at the BX, going out for sushi, taking a bus tour that included the fish market, a grocery store/mall, and the train station...) we went to the big Buddha in Aomori and drove around the coast.  It is beautiful!!!

I love that we are here and have this opportunity to travel and sightsee and LEARN!  I started a new book called 'confuscious: what living in the east teaches us about living in the west.' Or something like that!  I can't wait to finish and share what the book has taught me!

Friday, July 26, 2013

First Japanese Festival

Clarification, this is OUR first of many,  definitely not THE first!  

I think this was the festival of the stars... I should go look that up.  However, and ironically, I think I had my favorite corn dog ever.  In japan... Seriously!  The batter was fluffy and filling and sweet and crunchy and the hot dog was the salty pork that contrasted the sweet!  Then there was cotton candy, a sake tasting, lots of decor, music, dancing, and more! It was fun!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A busy, non-stop, never-ending Wednesday. What happened to Tuesday?!?

 Nicole's new mission is to explore this strange new world and seek out every type of Japanese candy she can find!  Already she has a list of favorites (and I have to admit, some of them are quite palatable!) and she knows what key words to look for!  Smart girl, she's even taken to sharing the good stuff with me, so I know what I like, too!  There are some interesting concoctions.... No one wants to end up with the package that says 'bean curd' on it!  Okay, maybe there is someone, but it's not this girl!

Misawa is a cute little town!  Very 60's/70's in structure, but clean, quaint, and everyone is so courteous!  I already love being a part of it!  Some our favorite things (discovered in 1 day!) are the beach, the trees, the 100 yen stores, the candy, the plethora of vending machines (with infinite types!!), and sushi, for sure!!

Look, a random vending machine!
And a retro ambulance van!!
This is the inside of a Subaru with the steering wheel on the wrong side.  It feels weird to be a passenger on the left!  It'll take some getting used to!!

For dinner we went out to sushi.  Yes, you read that right, we ALL went out for sushi!  I can't wait to try MORE new places!

This was Nicole's 'kids sushi platter.'  It looked like a whole lot of fun!!

This was my sushi platter.  I was in heaven!!

Lost in Translation

We made it!

Hurry up and exit?