Monday, July 04, 2011

MPM July 3-9

I love the USA! Tomorrow will be my 2nd Independence day on a military base, but my first 4th of July without fireworks.... It' too bright here in Alaska! With less than 5 hours of darkness (more like dusk!), we have to wait til December for the pyrotechnics! But snow and fireworks is actually a GREAT combo!
I'm still excited for the December display!

So on to the meal planning....

We have another yummy week ahead of us...
Recipe Links:
fish tacos... Kind of like this recipe, battered, fried, in a corn tortilla with cabbage, a squeeze of lime, and a creamy, spicy dressing!

visit Orgjunkie for more menus!

And did I mention I have a 5K on Saturday? Maybe I'll switch up the food. We'll have the salad the night before... And a salad all the other days!!! So, I will show off my 'wog'.... That's a walk/jog! Not fast, not slow, just from start to finish. That's my goal, to finish! And to complete it in under an hour. (I accomplished that at my last 5k, too, and I jogged less than a mile!) Everything I read about a 5K, everyone is worried about training like 2 months beforehand... That's not my style. My only worry is for my feet!

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Amy said...

I have grilled pizza on my menu this week, too. It's the first time I've tried it on the grill. We do pizza every Saturday here, so I'm hoping we like it grilled-- something else I can add to my summer grill rotation!

You can check out what we're eating HERE if you'd like. :)