Monday, September 05, 2011

Special Quesadillas!

Special Quesadillas (aka sopaipillas.... without the cinnamon and sugar!)
1. Stir 4C flour, 2t baking powder, and 1t salt in bowl and cut in 4T shortening
2. Make a well in center, add 1 1/2C water and work into dough. Knead til smooth (just a minute or two),cover, and set aside for 20 min. 
3. Grate Mozzarella or Jack cheese (lots), set aside.
4. Heat 2” shortening or oil in heavy pan at med-high heat. 
5. Separate dough into 4, roll into balls.
6. Roll dough to 1/8” thick rounds on lightly floured board. 
7. Fill half with shredded cheese, roll second side over, and fold edges over like an empanada. 
8. Fry til golden on both sides, turning once. (If oil is hot, enough, the sopaipillas will puff and become hollow quickly.) 
9. Drain sopaipillas on paper towels, but serve hot! They’re better when crispy. And they’re filling, but so yummy!

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Anonymous said...

Yummy! I was planning on making quesadillas this week, now I might have to try these instead. Do you suppose butter will work in place of shortening? N has a soy allergy.
<3 Ginnie