Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ohio gozimus!

That means good morning!!

We ran the color run in japan... Only some of us were excited...

They have wrapped our houses and power washed them... Now they have Saran-wrapped my porch and pumpkins and they finally painted!  

This is one of my new favorite foods here... The crepes.  They fill them with everything from sweets to veggies to stir fried shrimp and sauces!  But.... No eating and walking allowed in Japan.  I actually had to sit down and enjoy my crepe!!
I found the cat bus!  One day I'll ride it around town... But I have to figure out where the bus station is.
I chaperoned nic's field trip, we went to an archaeological site... I forget where.  And we made these pots... I forgot the name... And the significance!  I'll have to wait til they teach this unit at her school!
Fall has come!!  This weekend we're hoping to take a trip to see the colors!  
I love where we are!!!
We built a 'garage.'  Or a house for the snowblower and lawn mower!  We'll see how it holds up in the winter.  I was told to brush the snow off every day!
We found a great fishing spot!  Murky water with lots of trees in it, but plenty of fish to catch!  (I only caught the trees at the bottom... Doc had more luck!)
This is our friendship club.  We hope to meet once a month and share traditions and celebrations!  
And I keep forgetting we're dealing with Celsius over here!  

It's cooling down, the leaves are changing, I love this time of year!  For now, I'll just stay inside during these torrential Japanese rains!

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