Saturday, January 18, 2014

Japanese Winter

Our Christmas tree is a little worse for wear!!

I am really not entirely sure...

I love that bread shop, still!  I went there twice this week!! 

So, I've seen the cat bus, and here's a dog bus!  You have to zoom in to see it.... 

My dear friend brought me to this little French place... The outside looked like a house... The inside was like a cabin! 

(Grilled ham and cheese!)

(Brown sugar cubes, too!!)

And it was decorated with cats... They were hiding in the rafters, on counters... It was kinda cute!

They had this beautiful wood stove!

The sky here is amazing!!!

So, my friend in ak taught me a little about mochi... I started with butter mochi!   When we got here, doc introduced us to mochi ice cream.  We've since branched out and tried the different varieties!  The top set is a strawberry mochi.... In the 2nd pic, there's caramel, regular, and cookies 'n cream mochi!  Lots of fun stuff to try!!

The trees are beautiful, even though the leaves are gone!  Those red berries look fantastic with the snow!!

I found some treats to mail to family.... I hope they find it as funny as I do!

Look!  I wear my kimono in everyday life!!

Nicole made me play monotony...  I do not like that game... But I LOVE that girl!!

Tink is wise...

Look at that sunset!!  And the glow!!

We went out to an Italian restaurant with friends last night... 

It was fun.  I would not try the 'you-wrong' tea, though!!

We changed our name, apparently...

And Nicole started using her cake pop machine!  I'll let you know how they turn out!!

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