Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I love Japan!!

This is what a japanese pedicure looks like!!

And new reading material arrived just in time for the typhoon!  (Which ended up being a glorified rain storm!)

Spied on Towada...

Last week we talked about hosting in hm English class.... We had 'wine' and cheese.... Okay, sparkling pear juice!!

And three different types of cheeses!!

I came across this tea shop in Misawa... The whole bar is converted to accommodate tea!!!

Look at this 'antique' I found!!

I went to the navy bal.... Stag...

The next morning I ran a 5k!

And then rewarded myself with a trip to the beach!!

(Apparently cars have a problem jumping over this bridge!)

(And lactose intolerant cars are not allowed!)

nic and I went out for our favorite dinner at the mall!

And the next morning I made eggs Benedict for a friend!

And I taught her how to really get every last drop!!

Look what they had at the half marathon in towada!

I was the hired photographer for a friend at a recent homecoming!  (And soon I'll get to celebrate a homecoming!)

Then a beautiful friend and I went out for dinner!

Even after the Indian food last night, I was still able to go run the next morning!!

On my way home I saw this truck CEOs the road, rather slowly, but the driver was holding his dogs' leashes out the window!!!

This week I talked about fall with my English class... And we did this leaf crayon rubbing art!

And then we decorated pumpkins!!

Look at al of 'em!!

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