Monday, February 03, 2014

It's all good!

Japan is good to her!  She's had fun here!!

Tink got a bark box for Christmas.... She is visciously protective of her goodies!!

I had my first Japanese haircut.  They thought my hair was so frizzy they had 2 people trying to straighten it!!

Ramona and I went out for Chinese food for lunch.  It was delicious!!

Then we went float hunting at the beach. No luck.  

Found these protectors on our way!

So, what does that sign say happens?!? 

I used my common sense super powers and turned first!  Although it was still a lot like off-roading!

I found this garden of sorts... I'm not sure what it is, but it looks cool!

So we've had a lot of snow, but apparently not a lot!!  More to come, I suppose!

I tried these energy chews last weekend... They didn't make me gag like power bars of the 90's did!!

I was in 1st place!  Only for about 8 hours.....

Nic was torturing me... 

And I love shopping here in Japan!!

Poser... She's so cute!!

At least we're filling our time with things we love!!

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