Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I wrote something I loved about Nicole every day and put it on her door.  She loved it!  Then, as soon as valentines day was over, she took them all down except her name.  I still love her!

Buzz landed in the preschool room during MOPS last week!  It was pretty awesome!

I'm turning Japanese!  Parking by backing in makes me blend in, right?

I went to lunch with a friend and her adorable daughter!  

I decided to go for a run before I picked up my beloved at the train station... 

Good thing I did... It really started snowing and the wind was really blowing... Tink loved it!

Before I left, I decided to take doc's car, since mine had bigger piles of snow in front of it!  At least I was on the road before the blizzard started!

Well, it started alright!  

I got home and pulled into a 'parking spot' and this is how high the snow was after a few hours!!! 

The next morning the whole neighborhood became the snow brigade!

It was kinda like snow-throwing wars!  Or tag teaming!!

My beloved brought home this beautiful 'mystery' box.  

It wasn't a mystery, I knew these amazing gems were waiting inside!!! I love Bordeaux's!!!

Then we sat at the 'bar' to get doc a new iPhone... You'd think after buying a newiPhone  SoftBank could afford to fix their sign!!

There isn't anywhere for the snow to go in town.... 

And I do have deep blue eyes!!  They're back to 'normal' now...

:( this is what I've been missing in ak... This was one of my favorite sights!

Isn't it beautiful out there?

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