Wednesday, April 09, 2014


I'm pretty sure this is a student driver... 

This is the first wreck I have seen in misawa.  The speed limit is so low, I almost thought misawa was car-wreck-free!

Moni and I had a picnic lunch from the Yokomachi grocery store!  The fritters were weird... But they grew on me... That doesn't seem right!!

Weird ads...

I saw this on a trash truck driving around town!

It's finally slushy season!!!!

The sky is constantly gorgeous!!

I found a squid jig lure on the beach last week... I wasn't exactly sure what it was. Misawa is known for the squids in the ocean surrounding us...

I also found lots of other really cool stuff!


Then we had a farewell dinner for a friend.  A casual dinner at the club, but a good time to hang out and chat before he takes off.  

I attempted some suminigashi!  I learned about it my freshman year of high school... I tried to remember it, but something here in Japan sparked my memory and I found the inks!  Nicole and I have some new crafts to do!!

doc gave me this awesome necklace!  He have nic a locket, too!!

We went to the beautiful grounds of an onsen near the train station.  We didn't have the awesome fall or even spring colors yet, but we had natural beauty and a little bit of snow!  We'll just have to go back later and have some more pics taken!  Here's a sneak peek...

There are some beautiful natural features and then some interesting Japanese additions... Gosh, it's gorgeous here!!

We went into the gift shop of this place and I saw this oxymoronic treat... Apple pies with this scary dude as the spokesman!!  (I didn't try any!)

Nic got one of these key chains from the machine... Uh, it's gross looking.

And these fish heads are popular decor all over Japan... I'm not sure if there's a meaning behind it... I've seen children's hats, toys, lanterns, window decor, and all sorts of stuff with this fish on it!  

We had a party for doc, too!  I only took 1 picture!  What was I thinking?!?

I keep seeing this interesting light 'sculpture' in town... It looks very retro... Or impressionistic.  I like it!

I think this is my beach!!

This car had that giant speaker on top of the car and it was saying something... I apparently had no idea what it was saying, but I felt like I was in a parade!

I found another one!

And some more stuff!!

And nic and I are enjoying some tasty food!  I made huevos rancheros.  Mexican food in Japan!  I like it!

I saw this construction (or destruction) site this morning.  It amazes me how the Japanese contain everything, complete their tasks is such a small area, and then rebuild.  

If you look closely, this little boy is helping water the garden!  I thought it was adorable!!

More funny stuff to love!

This is the story of Miss Veedol and how she came to misawa.

And then a gorgeous sunset tonight.  I hope it makes for great running tomorrow!  On the beach!!

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