Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh, I love Misawa!

Tink loves the beach, too!  But she always seems to sit on top of the sea glass or treasure that I am about to pick up.... 

A dear friend gave us an ice cream sundae kit!  Nicole couldn't wait to break into it!  Every night!!

My spoils...

And more!

I wish you could see this video!  Tink is Freaking out because she misses her daddy!!  Doesn't she look.... Desperate?

Easter bunny came by!  

She thinks she's too old to find eggs... I hid them REALLY good!  Took her almost an hour to find 10!!

This is the sparkling conversation I get when we go out to eat....

Karaoke box?!?

A tipsy bar?!?

I attended a spring luncheon, it was fun!

We did some flower arrangement called Ichibana... 

And I won this keychain pocket watch?  I set it on doc's time zone!


Moni and I!!

More spoils!

And some more!

Kim and I made some suminigashi.  It was fun!

This is the Japanese cooking group I am going to take over.  The ladies are so sweet!! 

Then, we went to this karaoke place outside the gate everyone calls La La La's... Cause that's what the sign says!!!

They have these little rooms that you reserve and you can just sing karaoke in your small group.... While ordering food and drinks.  They delivered them right to us!

We had loads of fun!  Even the ones that weren't in the mood to go out!!

The next day we drove to Horosaki for the cherry blossom festival.  The cherry blossoms were beautiful!!

Oh wait, these were in base, but they were still beautiful!

We drove 2 1/2 hours to Hirosaki...

And saw the castle with the cherry blossoms!!

These bridges are my favorite, I think they're so pretty.  

The festival was lots of fun.

But it's extra memorable because we got to go inside the castle this time!  Word on the street is that it will be closed for 10 years while they renovate and repair it...  It's very plain inside, it has displays of artifacts and local features.  But still cool to say that I got to go inside while I was there.  

On the way home I saw this less-than -appetizing restaurant...

Before church yesterday I walked downtown to the civic center.  They were having a craft bazaar with blotch Japanese and American crafts.  On the way I was reminded of how unique misawa really is...

The little memorial or plaque or whatever it is plays music 24/7.... Like vibrato male folk singing!   

Ooooh, look at the cherry blossoms on base!

They have littered their petals like a flower girl before the bride!  Should I feel honored that I get to clean them up?

And today's spoils!  

But I also found a new beach and brought home a dozen or so more sanddollars!  

I love misawa!!!

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