Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Sensei Tiffany-San

The 9's day market is one of my favorite (almost) weekly excursions!  I've discovered new vegetables and fruits and seafoods and flowers!  And cheap kimonos and obis!  But apparently I have to remember to count from one market to the next!!

Unicorn snacks taste better than the giraffe snacks... 

Remember the phrase 'lazy men do twice as much work?'  I didn't go get the directions and read how many petals I was supposed to make to complete this flower ball... If I made 5 petals, as prescribed, I would have completed it with 12 flowers.  With 6 petals, how many will I need to make?  Mathematically, I can't even figure it out!!!

See?  More than 12!  It's getting bigger!!! Too big!!

I attended an aloha bingo night.... I won the grand prize!  A float!

It's bigger than tink!

It looks good on my porch!  (Look, I haven't killed the flowers yet!)

Speaking of the tink, she got a haircut.

She's a little embarrassed...

A new attempt at origami.  I sent this to my hot pilot doctor!!

I went back to my favorite beach... Tink and I ran.  

There was an infestation of these tiny shrimp.... 

And we found a lot of sea glass!

A lot!!

The AFRC hosts a Japanese cooking class every month.  We learned how to make yakisoba, yakisoba soup, and yakisoba sandwiches.  

It was a lot of fun!

Moni and I went to shipwreck beach.  Since the actual shipwrecks have been removed, it's more like trash/debris/junk wash up beach!  

But I found a LOT of sea glass...

I went to Mike's Mexican restaurant out the gate... This map seems off...

The dessert cactus is amazing!  Ice cream, sopaipillas, honey, fudge... I don't see anything wrong with that!

nic and I baked 20 cakes for America day.... I felt like it would never stop!

I watched moni's kids for the weekend and took them to the festival.  They loved that the bouncy castle was free!

A Van Halen cover band performed... They were SO loud!  And the leopard print pants with the fringe were hilarious!

The parade featured some marching bands (playing a LOT of Disney music) and some good ol' American cars!

No festival is complete without food on a stick...

And snow cones.  Peach is my favorite flavor... A-mazazing!

I've had birds bathing in my front yard.  It's fun to watch the little birds swoop in, belly flop into the water, shake off the water, and fly away.  They drive tink crazy!

I made a birthday present for a friend.... I have had so much fun with that suminagashi kit!

This weekend I went back to my favorite beach and I found a piece of a red float!  I have wanted a red piece like this since I saw someone else produce one.  1 piece out of thousands.... It's my new favorite piece!

Today, I didn't get to go play at the beach, I started my new 'job.'  I now teach English in towada!  My 'class' consists of adults... Stay at home moms, retirees, and a few people who work in touristy areas around Japan (think mcdonalds!) who see Americans almost daily!  We practice giving directions, holding conversations, and much more!!  I love it!

On my drive home, I see these gorgeous irises... These are the wildflowers of Japan.  They are so beautiful.  

And then I get a treat and find beans in the middle... Of a donut!  I need to wash my mouth out with a pizza!!!

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