Sunday, May 18, 2014

As of late...

Somewhere in misawa I saw this 'Jesus is the man' bobble head.... I want to find one!!!

I found this cleaver/paper cutter/guillotine at the cement factory!  It was huge!!!

Carly and I made a special trip to the Starbucks in hach.... It was worth the trip!

The cooking class was a success! We made huevos rancheros, cheese/sautéed squash and cheese enchiladas, chicken tacos, re fried beans from scratch, Spanish rice, fresh salsa, pico de gallo, and a cinnamon sugar tortilla dessert!  The ladies had fun... And a LOT of food!!

I love backyard fire pits!  They usually lead to s'mores!

nic 'n I went to the Mother's Day brunch on base.

We also had eggs Benedict for dinner!!!

Madame blueberry is for sale :) :( not quite sure how I feel about that...

nic ate all the Japanese strawberries...  They are little, but they are sweet!  They are quite a treat, too!!

I made nic eat tuna... She threw a fit, but she kinda liked it!  I also made a black garlic bruschetta.  We loved it!

A dear neighbor came to help me remove my door.... It's not supposed to be there :/ 

I took a pottery class at the jomon museum... I made a pot.  (And a basketball)

My pot looks like this, but much smaller.  I like that they teach us to make the artifacts that they've found on this archeologocal site!!

Still discovering delicious new products!

And finding fun stuff in surprising places!

The sea fog is here... This is what summers are like (until the end of July and beginning of August!  Then they're scorching!!).  June gloom starts in May.

My new luggage tags came!  

And nic was afraid to 'milk' the cow statue!

I love Japan!!

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