Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Out with the old, in with the new!

We've been vandalized!!

There is a little shop on town that makes these yummy little scones.  My favorite are the caramel or cheese scones with clotted cream... 

This is what I'm missing in Alaska :( 

Last weekend we took a road trip and needed to stop at Lawson's (my favorite pit stop!).... This mango fanta and spicy chicken nuggets were my breakfast of champions!!

Nicole picked this fruit sandwich!

The northern bay is beautiful!!

The sky was so clear and amazing!

My ksf had this ball gown made for the Air Force ball... It's made out of a kimono!

I am having this fun dress made out of a yukata... The ladies look at me, cross their arms into an X and say 'summer only!!'  I think they're afraid I would freeze in the winter!

We went out for lunch at a nearby restaurant.... Delicious tempura, interesting soup, scary 'pudding' in that little white pot (it had crab, egg custard, and something similar to a hollandaise.... An egg-butter sauce!). Sometimes I wish there was an Arby's around the corner.....

Then we went to this 'tori gate park.'  I'm sure I'll remember the name later... Basically it's a land of hundreds of tori gates... 

Just a few...

A few more beautiful ones...

And then a bunch more...

And a bajillion more!! They go on and on and on!

Nicole is a pretty artsy fartsy photographer, too!

We were greeted by this guy before we left the parking lot!

So, out with the old...

In with the new!!!  Poor doc has no say.  He has to come home first!!

I finally decorated my tiled bathroom with these cool chery blossom decals.  

And... Who would like to come over for a single slice of eggplant Parmesan?  

This was my run this morning!  I took a new 'path' with a great hill!  It slowed down my time, but it felt good to run!  PS the sun showers were only on main base!  Once we got to the road down to the elephant cage, the clouds and sprinkles were gone!  Oh, Japan is so schizo!!  

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