Saturday, September 13, 2014

Endless Summer

Rufus Racing has been pretty active in Japan!!

This was her ecstatic first day of school smile!

This is her 'oh my gosh, you cannot make me smile' smile.  I figure I would document as much as I can so when she's older she'll ask why I have such depressing pictures and I will tell her it's her fault...

Tiffany and Tiffany!!

I made a headboard out of a set of folding screens.  There, Nana, a headboard!


I went to the Misawa festival at the Port.... There was a parade for good fishing, some really weird food (This was not a real corn dog.  In fact, I have no idea what it was.....)

And a bunch of dance teams in competition!  They all had this flag in the background... Added to the effects of the music and dancing, but also served as a backdrop/billboard.  It was pretty neat!


There was a huge fireworks show... It lasted a really long time!!  The locals were saying that there were at least 1,000 more individual fireworks than the previous year! 

I copied this from the FSS Facebook page, but they did some cool art with the fireworks!

We have visitors....

My english class met me at the gate and we had lunch at the Lakeview Grille!  I was prepared to tell them all about going on base, the things they needed to bring, but that wasn't necessary, they had already been here many times before!  And they all wanted pizza!!

I can't tell if she's ready to go somewhere or she's trying to sneak up on me....

I also had my cooking class come to my house!!  I don't have any of their numbers, I was going to cancel the class... It was pouring rain until about halfway through our class (obviously not in these pictures) and I didn't have power in the house!  So I changed gears and we grilled everything!!!

Homemade mac 'n cheese on the grill!!

Grilled asparagus, quick pickles...

BBQ brisket

And a grilled cobbler!  It was OISHI!!!

That night my cutie girl and I had a movie night!  Look at how thrilled she is with my movie choice!

She hated every minute of it... Poor girl...

The next day was the air show. People come from all over Japan to see it!  They open the gates and let them all in.... So obviously, there's no parking.  nic and I just walked all over base!

This year we had perfect weather.  It was awesome

They did acrobatics, weapons demos, displays, they drew pictures in the sky with smoke... It was pretty cool. 

I went out to dinner with friends the next night.  Had my favorite spicy sesame ramen.  

Then I went birthday shopping!!!  I sent pics to doc of my birthday wish list!  I doubt he can get them from his remote location!!

The other day, one of my students brought me this treat!  It reminded me of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in every bite!!  But it was delicious.  Better (and different) from what I imagined.

I found a cute dress at the thrift store for $3!  With the tags still on!!

I also ran across the flight line just as this jet was landing.  Very cool.

Tink is a lazy renegade...

Madame Blueberry is no longer a part of our family... She is dead to me... Well, I still recognize her when I see her around base!!  And I wave... The buyer thinks I'm waving to her!

More school excitement!!

I signed up for a half marathon.  Am I crazy?  In Hirosaki... Can I run 13.1 miles?  Can I run 13.1 miles in Japanese?  We'll find out!  And I get an apple if I finish!

I think I'm pretty creative.... And funny, too.  I send doc a fishing float as a postcard!  I brought it in to the office and had lots of people sign it and add notes.... Added a 3x5 card as the address label, and brought it to the post office!  He wasn't nearly as excited about it as I was!

Look at my awesome anniversary date...

And my awesome self-anniversary present!  My parents called me Princess Tiffany.  Why doesn't anyone else know this?!?

Misawa had a parade with lots of floats and shrines...

We loved other perks of the festival!

But we just love Japan!  Everything about it!!!!

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