Sunday, December 01, 2013


A friend of mine saw the WHOLE rainbow!!  I was so busy that day I was stuck in the car!!  But we have had some beautiful skies!!!  Japan has a different sunset, a different sunrise, and a different sky every day!

This probably a yawn, not a smile... But she's still cute!

Aunt LJ sent Christmas presents for The Girl, but tink thought it was for her instead.... She claimed it!!  

Ramona and I went to the ANOTHER 2 turtles sushi!  This one was in Towada.

And we drove past this bakery on the way out there... On the way back, we pulled in... Everything looked so good!  

However, the mini pastries I bought have an interesting seal... This taste... It warms my what?!?

Actually, it was really yummy!  A flaky pastry with a large apple chunk and cream in the middle!

Very interesting!

This was our potluck Thanksgiving!  NO one walked away hungry!  Even tink got a special bone for Thanksgiving! 

Great turn out!

Then, Black Friday we shopped at the BX and the weasel's den... There was a convention of home based and military businesses.... Plus a huge Burton expo!  We shopped a bit, but relaxed the rest of the day and went to see Catching Fire... Since it was the only attraction on base, it was packed!!

Today we went shopping.  My beloved's brother wants funny Japanese translations... What about funny Japanese fads?? 

Sometimes I'm really glad there is an illustration on everything!  

We also tried a Japanese KFC!  It was very similar to what were used to... But the chicken strips were a tempura batter, the coleslaw was not sweet, and I had that green melon soda again!  

It was delicious! 

We walked through the bowling alley.... 

To this arcade!!!  

(And saw a different kind of fight club!)

And then there was this spastic air hockey game!!  They got like 10 disks to play!!!  At once!

Which one is funnier.... The animal-like full body pj's with the bow tie?  Or the one with the pacemaker and the hood??

Not sure what they were trying to translate...

Then we went to Mr. Donuts!!

It looks like a cream filling, but.....

It was good, it was like a mild Bavarian creme!

Then we went to swan park.  You can't see the swans in the pic because the sun was killer!  They WERE there, though!!

And nic 'n I got new glasses!  Isn't she cute?  Actually, every time we go to the optical shop, the lady hugs Her because she thinks she's so beautiful!!!  (I agree!)

And our friends' kids LOVE nic, too!  

And see this 'lip' and tape in the center of the bag?  This is the 'security device' that all stores implement after purchase... Smert Japanese!!!

Tonight we went out to Italian right outside the gate.  This adorable little cafe had a tiny kitchen, had a limited amount on the menu and specials board, but it was cute and cozy!

This was my carbonara!  It was so creamy and yummy!

See?  It really is a little hole in the wall!

Life is good!!  

And I love checking stuff off (with a smiley face) of my Japanese-bucket list!!

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