Sunday, December 08, 2013

Happy Merry Christmas!

We set up our Christmas tree!  Well, this is the Charlie Brown tree we bought to replace the one that fell apart in Alaska!  

Funny names...

I had KFC for lunch the other day!  The tempura chicken strips were great and the fries were pretty good... And the green melon fanta was great!  KFC should be JFC!!!

I was being followed by a Monsieur....

See his 'stache!

This is the ghost of Christmas present I tried to compare this shrubbery art to!!
You can see it now, can't you?!?

I went float hunting with a friend!!!  I didn't find one.  I got some sea glass and lots of sanddollars instead!!  And tink loved the ocean!!

I helped host a friendship lunch with the Japanese wives.... They made gingerbread houses, we had a combat gift exchange (which was hilarious!!), and had some wonderful food!

We also got a REAL Christmas tree!  It's ok.... Not like Christmas tree shopping in the states.  We didn't get to walk around and compare trees, we literally picked a tree and brought it home.... And they were all the same.  

Turns out, ours isn't bad, but I have to lean my head to the side so it's standing up 'straight!!'

And doc put up the lights!!

Don't they look great?

A neighbor had fun lights!  I can't wait to see if the Japanese do lights, too!  I'll make sure and take pics!

As of 3pm, these were the only trees left in the 'lot!'  I'm lucky I got what I got!

I came home happy about my tree.... So we had panclocks for breakfast.  With boysenberry syrup.  Happy holidays!  Soon I'll be fat and sassy!  Or jolly!!

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