Monday, March 03, 2014

Winter Wanderings

For commander's call, they had a little sledding at the ski lodge!  It was lovely....

But there are 2 sides to everything!!  It became dreadful, once I got the bottom!

But there's a silver lining here in Japan.... Everything has so much beauty! 

Happy valentines day, doc!!

nic got a new bedroom set... Her room is already easier to keep clean!

Unibersity shopping... Japan is funny, too!

But still beautiful!  This was while I was running.., (chasing doc... Trying to catch up to doc!!)

Tink is such a primmadonna!!

Nicole moonwalks home from school every day.

I found a spot for my painting!  Apparently, I found a spot for everything else!

I found this online and had nightmarish flashbacks from 5th grade!!

We decided to go snowboarding this weekend.  

Look how high the snow is here!

We finally made it to the lodge after a loooooong drive!

This is a Japanese hotel room.... American style!

We went for lunch first

I had a Szechuan ramen!  It was delicious!  Under the top layer of seasonings and oil, the broth itself was a very off putting color.... I mainly stuck with the ramen!!

I love the message under his board!

We went to this machine to take a picture for our lift pass.

I'm surprised she didn't smile like this!!

She did great!!

And then we finished down the mountain like this!

Look how far I made it before I walked down!!

That sunset was awesome!

I got a free drunk with my dinner!

This was one of my favorite dishes.  

This was my spread.  It was awesome!!

She's.... Weird!

When we left, we drive to hirosake... Doc hadn't seen the park!  It was still beautiful!

Nope, she still won't smile for me!

Smile slime at Lawson's on the way home.  

Lawson's really has great foods!  And the ketchup packet was cool!  When you fold it in half it breaks the seal and dispenses both from the center!!  

Then we stopped at the kokeshi museum!  Doc hadn't been yet!


This is a tunnel built to protect the roads from avalanches.... And look how much snow there is!

Nicole wanted this banana...

It's a stress ball!

And tink and I went to the beach this morning!  It was beautiful!  

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