Tuesday, May 06, 2014


 Tink is a lot like E.T.

And she's just plain silly!

I meant, Japan is silly!  This is French bread in Japan ;)  And then I made Cuban sandwiches with it!!

This week was children's week... Much like grandparents' day or mother's or Father's Day... And they fly these carp flags for the children!

I watched a friend's girls so they could finish cleaning their house and have their inspection... So we went to the beach, went out to lunch, and made some cool art!  I love this suminagashi!  It's fun to make!  

I saw some fishing boats off shore the other day... They were casting their nets!!

Moni and I tried a new ramen place we drive past a few times a week... It's good to branch out, right?  They have a cheese gyoza I will be back to try soon!!!

We celebrated cinco de mayo at my house this week.  I made enchiladas, salsa, Spanish rice, and 'fried' ice cream! ¡Olé!

There are food trucks here in Japan, too! Although... I still have to order by pictures!

I am taking over a Japanese cooking group.  I can do anything I want, teach them any kind of food I like, but I think it would be 'cooler' if I use ingredients that they will have access to.  I tend to lean toward the Mexican fare, but I am limited to these seasonings and specialties.... I will have to create a new Japanese-Mexican food subcategory!!

Well, I know I'll have fun, though!  

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