Saturday, September 28, 2013

Surviving Japan

Tink misses her daddy!!

I saw this bakery at the mall... Not at all the pastries and panera egg soufflés I've been craving, but still fun!!

This is my fake utensils rack I created since I have no place to put everything!!
Phun stuff at the mall still!
And I found the bridge to nowhere!!

Nicole and I took a tour.... 
First we went to the kokeshi museum...

Tried my very first yakisoba soup
Had apple soft serve ice cream
And she wanted nothing to do with the tour, she wanted to go to this kids amusement park!!
Look at this rice field art!!

And I got this blueberry gum.... I thought it was a trick by violet Beauregard..... It was delicious, it just lost it's flavor really fast!!
Then we went to a beautiful garden....
This is Nicole's 'pensive' look!!

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