Monday, September 02, 2013

Peaches, peaches, and more peaches!!

We drove to Nanbu...
When we got to the visitor's center, the rep made a call and a local farmer came to meet us.  No one spoke English.  We were hoping that we were not being led off the steep cliffs or into the great unknown!  We followed this teeny tiny toy truck on very narrow roads that had a steep hill on the right with the road cut out in front of us and the cliff immediately on the left!  Seriously, that's when I was wishing we had purchased the tiny Japanese cars!!!  
We made it to his peach orchard and he handed all of us a bucket with a paring knife so we could eat peaches while we were collecting them.  (The skin in SO tough, compared to American peaches... And pretty bitter.  The knife helped greatly!).  After a good half hour, we had all eaten at least 5 super juicy peaches and collected a total of 5lbs of peaches.... Not a lot, but there are only 3 of us!  And these peaches were better for cooking than just snacking on...
When we brought them home I couldn't help but eat one more!!!
Then I made peach syrup!  It more more like an applesauce consistency, but with the butter and the syrup on the pancake, it tasted like peach cobbler!!!  (Oh, I LOVE bisquik pancakes!!!!!
So, a week later, the peaches are in danger of turning.  All of them at once!  And I would lose the rest of the peachy goodness!  So I blanched and peeled them and made freezer jam!  It is so peachy and delicious!!!  Like a peach jolly rancher!  (Nana said to make it with watermelon cause that tastes like a watermelon jolly rancher!  Sold... I'll make that. Next week!)
So now I need to put peach jam on everything (toast, crackers, crepes? Waffles, ice cream, PeachPB&J, and more!!), put a jar or 2 in the freezer, and  gift some to neighbors and friends!  So.... Who (nearby!) needs some!  

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Roger Dodger said...

Now I can't get that "Millions of Peaches" song out of my head... good post!