Saturday, September 14, 2013


I've been told my fascination with the silly translations here in Japan will wear off, so I'll at least enjoy them while I can!  Some things are just silly!!  What were thy thinking when they translated this mirror?  Maybe I should start a list!
Our building has been wrapped and power washed... Next they will repair the earthquake damage and paint.  I think it's funny that I live in a 'strawberry basket!'
I haven't seen a sunset I haven't liked!!!
Today I got to watch them practice for the air show!  I've seen some awesome displays, I can't wait to see the air show tomorrow!!!!
Today we went to the base beach.  They actually had a 'dog pawty' at the beach, but it was nice to lay out, rest, watch Nicole and tink play in the water!  
And there were a couple of guys wind surfing!  (While I had sushi!!)
This week I also got to go to the driving range on base with a friend, started a Galatians bible study (I love it!!), ran a few more miles (my Nike ap is almost at 100!!!), and I am being referred to reach English at hachinohe possibly in the new year!  (Can't wait!!). We really love Japan!!

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