Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happenin's Around Here...

I love this place (everyone calls it Cheese Roll.... Cause they make these awesome cheese rolls!!). But I'm always amused by how many cats love this place, too!!!  

Tink has some problems...

And they crack me up!!

At Kappa sushi... We saw steak!  I think it was a hamburger... Sushi style... 

This was a partial spot... I backed in ONTO that pile of snow!!

Mardi Gras party!

See?  It really is me!

Doc and his friends bottled their beer..... It tasted great!  (There was about a cup leftover, it has great taste, just waiting for the carbonation!!) 


Another dump of snow.... It was beautiful!

And hard work!

nic is beautiful... Time to put her in that cage my dad was always talking about!

Tink is just a furry little ewok!

Look at these funny icicles!  

I LOVE the beach!  I plan to be there a LOT this spring and summer!

On the way home from the beach, I found these awesome snacks... Instead of apple chips, they're peach chips!  They're delicious!!

I also need to find this so-called pudding factory!

'Cute' signs?

I ventured into a Japanese grocery store to pick up something for dinner... This stir fry was delicious!!!


And doc got a haircut.... With an Audrey Hepburn cover!!

Apparently strawberry plus melon flavor equals watermelon here in Japan!!  Doesn't matter, it was good!!!

I've been decorating my house.... With obis!  Oh, I love Japan!!

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