Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tink, Mustache March, and Beach Combing

Tink is a trooper.   She leaps through the snow like a gazelle... And plows through it like a lawn mower.... 

And comes back to me looking like this!!

Nicole was throwing snowballs at the icicles to make them fall... I got out of they way quick!!

Tink can't find her favorite spot from yesterday!

And she has to muster up the courage to  dive into it!

She's so fluffy I can't stand it!

Doc gave her a haircut... She looked like a sheepdog for a little while...

And she's so cute now, isn't she?  She had a moustache..

(And an old man's sweater!!)

I had a moustache!

And doc has a moustache!  Gotta work on getting one for nic!

I've retreated to the beach quite a bit lately... I LOVE the beach!

The beach and snow!!
Tink photobombed my pic...

So I took it again!!

Tink loved the beach, too.

This is the jetty... I had to carry tink.

That was a surfer... In these cold, March waters!!

I found a yellow piece of sea glass... Never seen one of those before....

And the next day I found an orange piece!!

I love beach combing!

I love Japan!!

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