Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Japanese Free Time....

It's always time to go to the beach!  I crave the beach!!  I didn't pick this up the first time... And my friends brought it back to me!!

Another friend and I went to cocoa's for lunch.  I had a hamburger steak with gravy and an egg with veggies and chicken... I love that they have a doorbell to call the waitress!!

I fell in love with this strawberry latte!  It's like a warm, frothy cup of nesquik strawberry milk!  It was so good!!!!

This was another trip to the beach. 

Nic had decades day at school, she chose the 80's!

Later that night I had an 80's night for OSC!

With a different kind of competitive bowling!  We had specific tasks to complete on each frame!

That night we got another batch of snow... Almost 20"!!!

Then came the task of digging out the cars...

And by the time we were done, they announced on AFN that only essential staff had to go in..,

So doc finished plowing out area!  In an ombré style!

Saturday we went to the beach AGAIN!  Told ya I love it there!!!

More treasures!

Tink doesn't like her toys attacking her..,.

That night we went to this delicious steakhouse!  The grill was on the table we sat at!  

2 types of steak.... Japanese and Australian, plus shrimp.  

And they made our dessert right in front of us!  

It was ice cream inside the rice paper, or whatever it was!  It was crispy and creamy and hot and cold!  It was delicious!

Doc and I got to go on a cappuccino date yesterday. 

Then a lunch date at the golf course!

And he took me to some thrift shops...

And today we got to go out for lunch again!

And dessert!

And then to the beach!

I ❤️ doc!! 

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