Wednesday, August 07, 2013

My dog is a bum

It's a beautiful (muggy) morning in Japan!!

I wanna be like her this morning!  This was after we went for a walk yesterday.  
It's very humid here!  My crazy hair is quite crazy.... All the time!
I was invited by the Japanese wives (and some of the wives on base) to partake in a festival dance at the end of the month.  We are doing 3 traditional dances and we will be wearing a yukata, which is like a kimono, but less formal (and lighter!).
These ladies were sponsored on base in order to teach us, so when they were ready to leave, I was going to give some of them a ride off base.... They all wanted to be taken to the BX for lunch...... They all said 'pizza' with a huge grin as their eyes lit up!!  

Bee-do?  Madame blueberry makes this backup noise when in reverse!  In the car!  Only we can hear it!  And nic and doc make that noise, too!!

And this is what I got to run by this morning!  I'm loving discovering new things all around me!!

 I began a study on the psalms of ascent... Day 1 down, about to start day 2!!  

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