Saturday, August 03, 2013

To Hell and back

We meant to leave at 9... We tried to get out the door at 10.  We finally made it to the BX at 11:30.  Taco Bell was not our intended destination, but lunch was first.  

We drove to Shipwreck beach!  
I found some sea glass!!
We were probably too far south, because we didn't even see the ships.  We spent a good 30 minutes beach combing and walking the shores... Once we got in the car, we drove further northwest to Osorezan... "The gates of hell"

PS there is no cell coverage in hell!

We hiked the hills (and I wore a skirt and flip flops) dodging the sulfur pits and mini hot springs that were all over the grounds!  It wreaked of sulfur!  (Doc convinced nic it was rotten eggs!). It was devilishly hot under the intense sun! When we finally made it out, they suckered us into sorbet!  Blueberry, vanilla.... Or Mugwort!
I wrinkled my nose and went for the blueberry!!

We started back along the coast... We are drawn to the ocean!  We kept craning our necks to get a glimpse of the surf crashing on the other side of the wall!  The water was beautiful!
Madame blueberry handles well on the squirrelly, swirly Japanese roads!   We drove to Tomari... The winding coastal mountainous, roads were at the edge of beautiful jungle like forests!  We were surrounded by breathtaking trees!
 Finally arrived back on base, made ramen for dinner (spicy ramen for doc, a beef ramen for me, and nic chose cup 'o noodles.... Very adventurous eater!!), and we ordered an air conditioner!  Wednesday can't come too so!!!

Sayonara, all!  

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