Friday, August 02, 2013

Retail Therapy

My friend drove me to the mall today.  A beautiful drive through the 'back country' of Japan to a for real, multi-level, plenty-of-stores mall!
 It was just what I needed!
People, lights, elevator music that was catchy, although sometimes inappropriate!  (They can't tell if they don't speak English fluently!)
And we had Pepper Lunch for lunch...
We approached a panel of buttons and options with different pictures and sizes.... It reminded me of when I sat at my grandfather's organ and played with the synthesizers, the sounds, and effects, although he didn't like that I changed his settings!   Then I selected a visually appealing dish based on ingredients I recognized.... Or started craving when I saw the pictures!  Once I inserted a certain amount of yen, I received a receipt and moved down the line.  At the counter, a hot skillet was set before me with with rice, raw pork, a delicious (Korean BBQ ) sauce, and utensils.
And my meal virtually cooked itself as I stirred it around a little!
It really was delicious!  The best stir fry I have ever made in a food court, at my seat, using only a pair of chopsticks and a spoon!  PS it was fun!!  
Pepper Lunch, I will be back to see you soon!  (That was a promise, not a threat!)

Oh, and as for the retail therapy, I spent my time (and money) in the 100 yen store again!  It's my favorite!  One day I will try the clothing or electronic stores!  Until then, I like shopping for fun!!

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