Sunday, August 18, 2013


That sounds a little goofy, like a redneck pronunciation of 'toward' or 'to water...' Anyway, we drove to a lake nearby!  But first we went to the town of Towada.  The only thing I knew was that there was a 500¥ kimono shop.  
We found it and then dug through these great piles of kimonos!  nic found a pretty purple one and I have a navy blue (or black) and white one.  The fabric is so heavy!!!  Think... Drapes from the 60's... And they had 'underwear' kimonos that you wear under the heavy robe!  I think I'll wait til January to wear mine!  (Plus, I need to look up how to clean them properly!!)
We saw silly things on the way, like this gas pump!
And this club!
But we finally made it to the lake!  It was beautiful, with sandy shores, a small little surf, and park benches lining the beach so you can sit and watch!  I found a few pieces of sea glass.
Then we walked to the statue of sisters.. Or the lady.  The statue of the maiden.  (doc's input!). Interesting, eh?
Then we went for a hike.  
Then we hiked again!  But this time. We were driving home and we saw a sign that said 'waterfalls, 70meters' so we parked on the side of the road and went to find it!  The terrain had not been cleared in a while!  And and once we got through the jungle-like leaves, there were rocks and logs to climb, plus the raging brooks (name that book!!)... And then we saw the waterfall!  
Exhausted, we went back to the car and drove home.  
But we were starving, so we stopped atThunder Ramen!!  This is my spicy miso ramen with BBQ pork!  It was delicious!!!
Whew!  Weekend's done, ready for the week to start!!

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