Saturday, August 24, 2013

Obon parade!

So.. This week we met nic's new teacher, bought doc a car, I ran a mile in UNder 10 minutes, I won a Coach wallet, we took a fast trip to the mall (and saw these crazy things at the 100¥ store!)
And as I've been learning Japanese dances, I finally performed in the Obon festival today!  It was fun.... But after dancing for a mile in flip flops, my feet are so tired!!!
The Japanese love all things Disney, so there was an interesting entry in the parade.... Some... Cross-dress barbies?
Takoyaki.... Sounds like taco something!  No... They're Octopus fritter things... One day I'll be brave enough to try them!  We ate  meat pies... Dough with meat stuffed in the middle that was grilled.... They were delicious!  I can't even place what kind of meat was in it!
At the med group picnic, the different units were separated into teams and they played basketball, dodgeball, and ran a relay-obstacle course against each other!  It was fun!!
This summer has been jam-packed with everything from travels (to a new country) to festivals and silly games!  I am almost relieved that school starts Monday!  

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